Duodenal Switch Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery that is specifically designed for those with severe obesity.

What is Duodenal Switch Surgery?

Duodenal Switch Surgery is the most drastic surgery option that combines a gastrectomy (removal of part of your stomach) with a bypass surgery that sends food through a shorter path to the intestines.

The average weight loss results with a Duodenal Switch is 80% of excess weight over a two-year period. People maintain that weight loss over a longer period of time.

The success rate for weight loss is 90%

The Advantages of the Duodenal Switch

  • Highest Success Rate of all bariatric surgeries
  • Long Term improvement of hunger, metabolism, and other blood-related levels
  • Remission of Type-2 Diabetes
  • Extends life expectancy

MMG Bariatrics in Lawton, Oklahoma handles this procedure with expertise and precision

Taking this step in your weight loss journey can be scary and overwhelming but the results are worth it. It is time to stop being defined by your weight and start living the life you deserve!

The MMG Bariatrics Process

MMG Bariatrics is the only bariatric surgery program in Southwest Oklahoma. It has been fine-tuned to ensure that your weight-loss journey is sustainable and your results are long-lasting.

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Preoperative Preparation

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Surgery and Recovery

Experience excellent care with the MMG team during and after the procedure where you are informed and supported.

Lifestyle Changes

Get on a plan that ensures you get the most out of the results of the procedure and be coached through how to adopt healthier habits such as diets and exercise.

Support During your Weightloss Journey is crucial to Success!